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Losing an excellent hyperlocal resource

One of the web’s strongest resources on hyperlocal news is shutting down.

Hyperlocal Blogger had been a  self-described “hobby” of Matt McGee since August 2008. Like many blogs, it was pretty frequently updated at the beginning,  with less frequency as time went on. Unline many blogs, the content was always relevant and useful.

Even now, the archived stuff is worth browsing if you’re new to hyperlocal blogging.

When you consider what else Matt has on his plate, what he accomplished is pretty amazing. From his farewell post:

My work at Search Engine Land and Sphinn is taking more time than ever, and likely to expand more in the not-too-distant future. My blogging at Small Business Search Marketing helps put food on the table and has to be a higher priority than Hyperlocal Blogger, which has always been a hobby. Just last week, I signed an agreement with Omnibus Press to publish an update of my book, U2 – A Diary, which was originally published in 2008. That work will take up most of my free time over the next several months.

Thank you, Matt, and best of luck with those other hobbies 😉


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